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  • Anime Eyes

    By on February 20, 2013

    Quick Definition: The enlarged pupils and eye-area of a girl who is either really into you, or likes to look cute.

    Full Definition:

    Anime eyes was originally used to describe the eyes of a girl who has DDBL, as attracted girls tend to dilate their pupils around the eye and look upward. Over time this phrase has been used to describe Asian girls who wear a lot of makeup to make their eyes look bigger, or girls who have naturally huge eyes.

    Originating from Japanese animation, the anime eyes are deliberately drawn out of proportion to accentuate the femininity of the girl’s faces in cartoons. Over time the anime genre has defined the “anime eyes” look that a lot of guys find attractive.

    Here is an example of anime eyes drawn in comics and Hentai movies:

    anime girl

    Here is an example of anime eyes make up style:


    Generally speaking, larger eyes on women (to a degree) is considered more attractive although many other features will also have to be in sync in order for the whole face to look sexually attractive to men.


    That girl totally has anime eyes

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