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  • AMOG Killer (AK)

    By on November 17, 2008

    knowledge sphere smallKnowledge Sphere:

    Quick Definition: A gesture, or verbal cue such as the letters “a-k,” used to indicate to a wing to disarm a specific individual, or group of AMOGs, or to put a wing on high-alert due to AMOGs in the vicinity.

    Full Definition:

    This is a very technical term originating from RSD that typically is used by newbies to signal an attack on (or at least recognition of) an AMOG in a set.

    While it is useful to have an AK signal, experienced PUAs are usually quite aware of the need to disarm, befriend, or destroy an AMOG based on calibration of the situation.

    Related Terms: AMOG, AFOG, Alpha

    Source: Flowz

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