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  • AMOG Destroyer

    By on December 14, 2008

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    Quick Definition: Similar to Boyfriend Destroyer, but specifically refers to routines to out alpha another AMOG in a set.

    Full Definition:

    There are multiple ways of dealing with AMOGs, and RSD has been an innovator in this area of game.

    Mystery prefers to befriend and DHV in certain situations, or ignore the AMOG. But RSD and the Forums have developed AMOG Destroyers specifically for AMOG game, where more natural players will try to come in and take your target. Be aware that AMOG Destroyers are meant to neutralize the threat, not to start a fight. Generally summarizing, a PUA can deal with an AMOG by the following:

    • Don’t try to defend yourself, don’t directly acknowledge his comment.
    • Don’t change your body language, attitude or anything else.
    • Give him very little attention and continue making eye contact with the girls as you talk to him.
    • Snip any conversation he tries to make with you or the girls.
    • If you can turn your back towards him, do it.
    • Don’t say anything that lowers your value. If he insults you directly, don’t agree with him.

    Learning to defend against AMOGs is a necessity to become a master PUA. It is not necessary to use the AMOG Destroyers on others. They should be used, however, to defend yourself against other AMOGs. However, this distinction, like martial arts (defense or offense), is up to the PUA.

    There are specific AMOG routines that can be deployed by female wings that male counterparts cannot. For example, the Wingwoman can engage the AMOG; she can also touch him in a status lowering way without getting into a fight. This is a developing area in seduction of “wing girl game.”

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    Source: Tyler Durden, Mysery

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