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    If you enjoyed the level of detail in our blog posts and defintions, imagine step-by-step, in depth videos and insights into the latest attraction models right at your fingertips. Our products receive universal acclaim from ClickBank, Dating Skill Reviews and SargeNation.

    You can expect beautifully illustrated pages, step by step instructions, and video case studies of students before and after in all of our dating products below. Furthermore, you will get exclusive 1-on-1 access with Vince through a private Facebook group.

    Checkout PUA Lingo's list of producsts HERE:


    A. Game Sense: 30 Lines That Get You Laid In 5 Days Or Less

    22 page PDF with my best 30 lines from Opening to Sex, and 10 in depth 1 on 1 coaching videos... Available immediately at $3..

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    B. Seduce With Style 3.0 Live

    Seduce With Style (SWS) is the world's first Attraction Fashion System. Drawing upon the latest breakthroughs in style, body language, micro-expressions, female psychology, and non-verbal communication to make hot girls chase you...

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    C. Asian Rockstar Dating

    The ultimate dating guide for Asian Guys. Enough Said ;)..

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