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  • 24/7 Attractive Man

    By on January 26, 2010

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    Quick Definition: The point when your social awareness is very sharp, your vibe is mastered, your sexualization is effortless, and your logistics and lifestyle are clear.

    Full Definition:

    The overall goal of every Troy Dizon Dating client is to have the sustainable, fun, attractive lifestyle that he wants for himself. This lifestyle philosophy has been named the 24/7 Attractive Man.

    The 24/7 Attractive Man works at the job he chooses to work at. He spends his time and money the way he wishes to spend it. He is socially defined and knowledgeable about the kinds of women that he wants. The 24/7 Attractive Man also knows where to go to meet the women he’ll be interested in and how to express himself so that she knows he’s the kind of man she wants.

    The 24/7 Attractive Man philosophy is very personal.  No two guys are alike.  An office job may be dull to one guy, but exactly what another guy wants.  One guy may prefer to go to clubs on the weekend, but another may prefer the theater.  The details are always different.  But by really narrowing down your own likes and interests, you are able to eliminate the floundering and unfocused energy that most men suffer from.  A confidant man who knows what he wants (and can get it) is usually attractive to women.  These men know what kind of women they want and will only spend time on those specific women.

    Example of a 24/7 Attractive Man: George Clooney:


    “Since following the 24/7 Attractive Men goal, I’ve started exercising more, and am spending more time with this actress who is showing me independent movies that I’m loving.  It’s all coming together right now!”

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    Source: http://www.troydizondating.com/

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