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  • PrankInvasion, IMHO: FAKE

    By on March 13, 2015

    So it started out with me looking at a video Post by Movie2k. As I was watching it, I realized that girl looked really familiar. Upon further inspection, I do know her! It’s Ashley Mitchell from MTV’s Real World. Actually, I was friends with her way before her MTV stint.


    I then took a look at this guy’s channel. PrankInvasion on YouTube and saw some of his videos. I thought it was harmless fun. He’s just making out with a bunch of girls. But what is dangerous is that some guys are starting to take him seriously. This stuff bothers me, because anyone with basic pick up knowledge knows that what he’s doing is unrealistic. You don’t go up to girls, say “guess my name”, and then say, “you’re fucking adorable” and make out for 5 minutes straight. Upon further research, I found that Backwardshat already posted about his videos being totally fake.

    lace frontal

    What’s annoying is that this guy is basically making a living off his 1 million YouTube subscribers, based on a false reality. What’s more annoying is that guys are actually thinking this is real, and it further confuses them as to the legitimacy of pick up techniques.

    People claim “fake” shit all the time, like Vitaly’s makeout video and Simple Pickups video. The reason you never see them get “called out” is because, those girls ARE anonymous, and their pick up is real. Vitaly probably had to go through a lot of girls to find the 3 that would makeout with him, but he’s good at approaching girls and Simple Pickup is legit because I’ve seen Kong doing it in person in San Francisco with his buddies. Also, they don’t mind posting their lame pickups on film too.

    Don’t fall for all the in-field stuff you see. Get guys who are good to hangout and see them in person.

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    • RubenN

      Imo: I don’t care if lot of guys believe he’s the real deal. If he’s making a living off this, then I’m happy for him. Honestly, I don’t think that persuading lot of people to give him money is some sort of crime. There are stupid people, they are the most of people, and they’ll make unethical lazy guys like him rich. I wish I was him and made a lot of money out of these stupid people, in an eazy way.

      And I know that what he’s doing is a bad thing. But, honestly, this is not completely bad, as it makes it harder for stupid people to find the real way to seduce women. Some men don’t deserve to have this power. And if you think that this guy is the real deal, I think you’re among those men.

    • john woolfe

      No shit.

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