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  • SnuggleFuck

    By on August 29, 2013

    Quick Definition: A rapid transition from cuddling or snuggling to full on sex.

    Full Definition:

    A snugglefuck occurs when a couple moves rapidly from cuddling or snuggling to sensual foreplay and ends up having full on sex. It is also referred to as SF or SFing.

    cuddle snuggle fuck

    The thing about good sex is that sometimes it comes about when it is completely impulsive and the result of an uncontrollable and powerful desire. Give a girl a good snugglefuck when she least expects it and she will day dream about it, and by extension you, for days if not weeks. But remember, this doesn’t mean that you should randomly penetrate a girl without any warning or preamble whatsoever. In fact, some would call that dangerously close to rape.

    Passionate couple in bed

    Photo Credit – flickr.com/photos/98449327@N06

    To initiate a snugglefuck, first start gently cuddling or snuggling a girl in bed or on your couch. And as you cuddle her, slowly start running a hand over her hips. Then as you lean close and let her feel your warm breath on your neck, trace a curve inwards with your hand from her hips to her inner thighs. Let her feel your breath get heavier as you gently but firmly pull her body into you. There’s nothing that turns on a girl more than knowing that her man is overwhelmed by uncontrolled desire for her just by being next to her. And there’s nothing hotter for a girl than a man that follows these impulses. By this point cuddling will be the last thing on her mind, so take control and turn her until she’s face down on the bed, and just fuck her pushing her firmly down onto the bed. She’ll most probably come faster than winter and your nights alone together will never be the same again.

    The term “snugglefuck” is used by girls and can be a chick crack when telling a story or via text by softening something that is more emotionally sexual. For example, “ok let’s just makeout like high schoolers… or we can snugglefuck”. It has a softer, more playful tone than, “or can we fuck”. Girls emotionally also respond better to the idea of “snuggling” there is a sense of comfort in addition to sex.


    He wanted her so badly in that instant that he just had to snugglefuck her. 

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